Legends of Charmswood
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Legends of Charmswood

By a twist of fate, a grim magician Warrior and a hilarious Charmer, become the guards of an arrogant boy, not even suspecting that the salvation of this World depends on this child! From now on, this trinity will stand against the mightiest forces of evil!

The main character of the film is Marek, a ten-year-old boy from a noble family and an orphan. He is arrogant and stubborn, but noble, kind, and generous. A dark secret is connected with Marek’s birth. And because of this he has to fight against very evil, dangerous, and mean fairy creatures – Werewolf Wicked, Swamp-Spirit, immortal Necromancer Murk, and the lord of the darkness – cruel Gloom.
Fortunately, friends will come to help the boy: the mysterious and grim Warrior, kind giant Bigdrifter who is the last representative of his tribe, hilarious wizard Babbler who talks too much, and very belligerent woodsy girl Olesya who will not only become Marek’s close friend but also his first love. This mixed team will not only find common ground but also go through the various breathtaking adventures full of sorcery and magic. They will learn to trust each other, discover new talents, and become real friends.


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