Legends of Charmswood
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«Legends of Charmswood» ─ a book by Viktor Andriienko and Olena Shulha

Condition: New product


Number of pages: 192

Cover: hard

Language: Ukrainian

Publisher: Summit-Kniga

Genre: children’s literature, adventure, mystical tale




From that time on, the dark wizard Immortal Nec-romancer Murk came to power, the shadow of ancient evil has fallen on the once prosperous and happy lands of Charmswood. Fear reigns everywhere now, thieves are rampant, and the terri-ble Swamp-Spirit lurks in the thickets.

And what does it feel to find out that the future of your mother-land, and maybe even the whole world, depends on you?! The boy Marek managed to learn a lot about life … sitting in a com-fortable chair in the library. However, he is only ten years old and he is absolutely not ready for such misfortunes!

Luckily, at the whim of fate, the boys will have support from: a mysterious and strict Warrior, a belligerent woodsy girl Olesya, a kind giant Bigdrifter and an incredibly talkative, but surprisingly cheerful, Wizard Babbler!

This diverse company will not only have to find a common lan-guage, but also go through stunning adventures full of magic. They will face ferocious thieves and predatory werewolves, over-come deadly traps in the cave of the ancient Alvins and fight a terrible army of the half-dead.

But the most dangerous challenge awaits them in the castle of the furious Necromancer Murk! Still, even a small person can save the big World!


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